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Mint and Turbo CFP Answers Your Top Financial Qs

Through unprecedented times like this, the support from our respective communities remains most important to help us come out of this physically, mentally and financially stronger. As we make plans and take the necessary precautions for our physical health, it is also key that we have a plan in place for our financial health. 

If the state of your finances is one of your stressors, we’re here to help. Last week, we asked our Minters to share their top personal finance concerns during this time. From smart investing to revising your budgets to building an emergency fund, Brittney Castro, Mint and Turbo’s Certified Financial Planner, shared her top tips and advice to get us through this time. Watch here. 


At the end of the day, our health and wellbeing matter the most. While things may seem unpredictable at this time, we are always here as a resource for all things personal finance. For additional COVID-19 related resources, check out our growing list of cost-free resources. If you have any additional questions, tweet us at @Mint and we’ll be sure to support you as best as we can. Stay positive and healthy, Minters! 


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